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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Do you want to promote your business? Do you want a quick return from your business? Now, its time to get rid of your worries and tension. At Prayas Technology, our seo developers provide a very quick and easy way to promote your business as well as improve your sale. By using Pay Per Click, we can promote your business as soon as possible. Pay Per Click service is an instant and efficient method. The service is very effective than you ever think of. By this process, you have a better chance to convert a visitor to a client. PPC is a paid service which varries directly , depending the no. of clicks and cost of a click.

The PPC concept is some what similar to the biding concept. You have to pay only when your ad is being clicked by a potential customer. You can avail the service of many PPC providers. But some major PPC providers are Google and Facebook. PPC ad will dispaly basically in two methods:

  • Text ad
  • Display Network/ Image ad

Text ad:

The Text ad will be dispalyed basically on the top and right side of the search engine results or in other websites which are associated with google advertising program named Google Adwords. Also, your ad will be displayed in gmail at top, bottom and right side of any mail.

In Facebook you can show your PPC ad on the right side of the webpage.

Display Network/ Image ad:

Display Network is also known as image ad which contains some graphics, animations or images on that ad. This ad will be dispalyed in other websites those are related to google advertising program. These type of ads have a better rate of ROI.

We basically use google adwords for PPC adverisement. Because this PPC service is the best service now a days having the maximum output.

How do we set up and maintain the activities of the Google Adwords?

Account Setup : Set up PPC accounts and monitor account settings in order to maximize client's business goals with the least expenses.

Keyword Analysis : We first analysis the keywords for your business and put the most efficient keyword for your business.

Ad Development : We create most effective text and image ad having very powerful title and description. By this your ad will be dispalyed in maximum places and effective places so that your business get more sales.

Landing Page Development : We are developing such type of Landing page so that you can collect the information of your customer as well make attract to the customer for your business for more sales.

Bid Management : Our SEO Experts gives the bid in such a way that you can get more result with a very average bid per click.

Account Maintenance : We monitor the account in a regualr basis so that we can analyze that your adis being displayed in a proper way in every short period of time or not. So that we will take the necessary steps to show your ads again in an efficient way.

PPC gives very fast result but the process should be handled by an expert only. One wrong step may cost a much to you. The whole process of PPC is very crucial. Our SEO experts are the best PPC managers now a days. To grow your business with PPC concept contact us today.

NOTE: If your web site needs it, we can provide it. If you don't see what you need above, rest assured that we can come up with custom services just for your needs. Contact us today to get a quote and some advice.